Fix it in post

The complexity of any production can’t be truly appreciated until it gets to post. There can be thousands of takes, each with their own notes, used across dozens of different edits.

Synaesthesia helps you bring order to post-production, with interoperability with editing and finishing systems, and the ability to easily cross-reference post-production elements with production and pre-production ones.

Finishing features:

  • Create storyboard sequences from logged footage and output them to editing systems.
  • Manipulate Edit Decision Lists to perform common tasks such as adding handles.
  • Log technical information for reels and clips.
  • Track the location of physical reels needed for the production.

Creativity shouldn’t be work

Mac Universal

Synaesthesia works on Macs with OS 10.5 or higher.

Synaesthesia is a registered trademark of Surreal Road Limited.